Not a Day for Happy Endings

Okay, first things first: spoilers for “Logan” ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Anyway, this is probably going to be a mess, but this movie fucked with me and I just want to get my thoughts out there. I know I’m a little late to the party here, but I finally got around to watching “Logan” today, and boy did that movie hit me right in the feels. Actually, let me rephrase that.

“Logan” utterly and completely destroyed me.

It wasn’t a case of “Oh, there was that one scene that hurt me.” Or even the usual “Mannn I really loved that character and his death hit me hard.” Nope. That’s the amount of pain that I have become accustomed to experiencing over the course of my movie-watching career. Losing one character is pretty normal. Seeing somebody meet a bad end is almost expected, in some form or another.

In the case of “Logan,” I was an emotional wreck for pretty much every second that the film was on the screen. The entire movie was sad. All of it. Every single piece of it. Even the action scenes couldn’t break that feeling, as shocking as it may sound. Sure, Wolverine did a fair amount of his usual hack-and-slash with his signature claws, but where previous films showed a fit and ferocious Wolverine that seemed impervious to pain, “Logan” showed an ailing veteran whose own claws (which don’t even extend properly anymore) caused him agony, and who visibly felt every single bullet.

Don’t get me wrong, Jackman’s Wolverine was still plenty fierce, but he was very obviously exhausted and in pain throughout the entire movie. He’s tired of fighting, even of living – he even keeps an adamantium bullet in his pocket, just in case the desire to put it through his brain strikes him. The man is a far cry from the indestructible Wolverine that we’ve come to know these past 17 years.

But where the movie really came through, was in the way that I absolutely could not blame him for wanting to die. The sheer hopelessness that pervades the film hit me hard, and in ways that I never thought the X-Men cinematic universe would dare. I mean, after the way that “Days of Future Past” made a mockery of any sort of bad end for the X-Men (you know, that film where literally everyone died but then suddenly didn’t?) I guess I felt that the X-Men were safe. That no matter what happened, they would find a way to fix it.

Well, “Logan” certainly did a fine job of kicking that idea right in the balls.

Much of the reason behind Wolverine’s pain in “Logan” is that pretty much all of the other X-Men are dead. For real this time. And the kicker? It wasn’t due to the actions of some arch nemesis or other evil force.

It was Charles Xavier.

Xavier, who by the time of his appearance in “Logan” is a broken old man suffering from an unnamed degenerative brain disease, a disease that causes him to suffer from uncontrollable seizures that shake the world around him, inflicting massive amounts of pain to everyone nearby. It is revealed that prior to the events in the film, Xavier’s first seizure resulted in the hospitalization of hundreds of the occupants of Xavier’s school, as well as the deaths of some of the X-Men. It’s not revealed exactly which X-Men perished in the event, but if Wolverine is to be believed, he and Xavier are the last of the X-Men. Everyone else is dead.

Heavy stuff, right? It doesn’t end there. By the end of the film, both Charles and Logan are dead, and I’m left wondering what the point of the whole series was if it all can just end like this. I guess that was sort of the whole point of the film, but damn if it isn’t hard to come to terms with it.

In the end, though, I have to admit that this was certainly a fitting sendoff to Jackman’s iconic portrayal, and I sincerely hope that the studio doesn’t cheapen this film by bringing Wolverine back in a later one.